The Impactful Five (i5)

The Impactful Five (i5): Learning in Leadership Education project is building on prior LEGO Foundation research and expertise to develop and pilot pedagogical approaches for holistic skill set development to help the next generation of leaders address sustainable development.

By targeting 5 key characteristics of learning to integrate sustainability skills into business schools, this pedagogy will train the next generation of CEOs, managers, and leaders to shape a workforce of lifelong learners equipped with contemporary skills needed to address today’s sustainable development challenges.

i5 Framework

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The PRME i5 Playbook for Pedagogical Development: Transforming Business Education with Impactful Methods is specifically designed to enhance teaching practices that inspire the fields of business education, responsible management education (RME), leadership education, sustainable development, and more. The Playbook offers a wealth of practical strategies for classroom engagement, examples of activities, and insights to help educators enhance their teaching methodologies and foster a dynamic learning environment for their students.

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