Assessment - Our Mission

Our mission within the (i5) project is to build, test and improve a tailored assessment system(*) for i5 and harvest its results

Within this scope we have two phases:

  1. First phase: Assess i5’s impact on educators’ pedagogy and learners’ skills
  2. Second phase: Assess i5’s impact on the broader system

It is also part of our mission to participate in i5’s project coordination, under the lead of the PRME team, on all subjects that will be put on the agenda (roll-out, IT, events, etc).

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Toolbox for Educators

In our Toolbox we aim to provide Meaningful assessment tools for educators who apply i5 in their practices.

We will try to Actively Engage educators by allowing the sharing of tools, resources and experiences.

In our assessment tools, we'll constantly ask ourselves, "How can an assessment combine usefulness and robustness on one hand, and Joy and well-being on the other?"

We aim to strengthen the growing i5 Community of Practice's Social Interaction with the results of those assessments.

Of the i5 Characteristics, we are now just missing Iteration! The Toolbox is still under development with the first set of tools to be released by June 2023. As i5 continues to scale, we do envision a more diverse toolbox in a year or so.

In the meantime, if you need support using i5, don't hesitate to contact us.


Coming soon - in parallel with development of the "Toolbox for Educators" section.