Who We Are

PRME Secretariat

Dr. Mette  Morsing

Dr. Mette Morsing

Head of PRME, United Nations Global Compact
Dr. Meredith  Storey

Dr. Meredith Storey

Senior Manager, (i5), PRME
Cheyenne  Maddox

Cheyenne Maddox

Senior Communications Manager, PRME
Gustavo  Loiola

Gustavo Loiola

Manager, (i5) Leadership Education, PRME
Samantha  Thompson

Samantha Thompson

i5 Project Coordinator, PRME

The LEGO Foundation

Lego foundation logo

The LEGO Foundation aims to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow – a mission that it shares with the LEGO Group. The LEGO Foundation is dedicated to building a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative, engaged, lifelong learners. Its work is about redefining play and reimagining learning. In collaboration with thought leaders, influencers, educators and parents, the LEGO Foundation aims to equip, inspire and activate champions for play.

i5 Advisory Board

Ranjan  Banerjee

Ranjan Banerjee

Dean, BITSoM
Chip  Bergh

Chip Bergh

President & CEO, Levi Strauss
Caryn  Beck-Dudley

Caryn Beck-Dudley

Elizabeth  Collier

Elizabeth Collier

Professor of Ethics, Brennan School of Business, Dominican University
Soumitra  Dutta

Soumitra Dutta

Dean, Saïd School of Business, University of Oxford
Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim

Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim

Associate Prof. at the American U in Cairo & Chair of PRME Chapter Africa
John  Goodwin

John Goodwin

Chair, PRME (i5) Advisory Board; Executive Chairman, The Learning Economy Foundation
Gregor  Halff

Gregor Halff

Dean of Social Sciences, Vrije Universiteit
Andy  Hoffman

Andy Hoffman

Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, University of Michigan
Haifeng  Huang

Haifeng Huang

Deputy Secretary-General, Asia Education Forum
Maxime  Lakat

Maxime Lakat

Executive Director, Re-Generation
Jonathan  Louw

Jonathan Louw

Chair, PRME Chapter UKI
Charmian  Love

Charmian Love

Global Director of Advocacy at Nature&Co
Morris  Mthombeni

Morris Mthombeni

Dean, Gordan Institute of Business Science
Bruno  Roche

Bruno Roche

Co-author “Purpose into Practice: the Economics of Mutuality”; Former Chief Economist, Mars Incorporated
Daniel  Wilson

Daniel Wilson

Director, Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Former i5 Advisory Board Members

Juvencio  Maeztu

Juvencio Maeztu

Deputy CEO, Management Board Member and CFO of Ingka Group (IKEA)


Sulitest Logo


Sulitest's vision is to develop Sustainability Literacy worldwide and empower engaged and committed global citizens to make informed and responsible decisions and collectively build a sustainable future. To meet this need, Sulitest developed an ecosystem of tools that academia and companies can use to measure and improve Sustainability Literacy amongst their staff, students, faculty, and other stakeholders. Its mission is to expand sustainable knowledge, skills, and mindsets that motivate individuals to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and making informed and effective decisions.

With the support of the Assessment Taskforce, Sulitest is responsible for leading The PRME (i5) Assessment Framework closely aligned with the Playbook with the expectation of developing a digital assessment tailored to the PRME (i5) program so that it specifically tests the development of PRME (i5) learning and pedagogical approaches among faculty outlined in the Playbook and holistic skill set development among students in their classrooms.

Project zero logo

Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Project Zero (PZ)’s mission is to understand and nurture human potentials –such as learning, thinking, ethics, intelligence, and creativity –in all human beings. Today Project Zero is an intellectual wellspring, nourishing inquiry into the complexity of human potentials and exploring sustainable ways to support them across multiple and diverse cultural contexts. Anchored in the arts and humanities, and with a commitment to melding theory and practice, we continue to work toward more enlightened educational processes and systems that support learners, individually and in the community, to thrive in, reflect on, contribute to, and change the world in which they will live. PZ is responsible for leading the construction of the PRME (i5) Playbook with a goal to provide an authoritative guide based on rigorous research (e.g. research questions, design, appropriate methodologies, research ethics) that equips educators to test new pedagogical approaches for holistic skill set development among their students at leadership schools. The Playbook will reference characteristics of effective learning, such as considering research and scientific-based approaches that incorporate the five characteristics of playful learning (e.g. social, joyful, iterative, actively engaging, and collaborative experiences). The Playbook will be piloted by business school educators and scaled among further educators to nurture holistic skill set development in PRME’s network of 860+ business schools around the world.

Expert Pedagogy Members

Ahmed  Abdel-Meguid

Ahmed Abdel-Meguid

ExPeG Africa
Tim  Breitbarth

Tim Breitbarth

Adriana  Caldana

Adriana Caldana

ExPeG Brazil
José Luis  Camarena

José Luis Camarena

Xuanwei  Cao

Xuanwei Cao

ExPeG China
Aurora  Díaz-Soloaga

Aurora Díaz-Soloaga

ExPeg Eurasia
Robert  Hales

Robert Hales

Toloue  Miandar

Toloue Miandar

ExPeG Italy
Dirk  Moosmayer

Dirk Moosmayer

ExPeG France & Benelux
Chandrika  Parmar

Chandrika Parmar

ExPeg India
Maria  Pietrzak

Maria Pietrzak

ExPeG Poland
Natascha  Radclyffe-Thomas

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas

Marina  Schmitz

Marina Schmitz

Samuel  Sebhatu

Samuel Sebhatu

ExPeG Nordic
Ana Margarida  Simaens

Ana Margarida Simaens

ExPeG Iberia
Benito  Teehankee

Benito Teehankee

Christian  Van Buskirk

Christian Van Buskirk

ExPeG North America
Jeremy  Williams

Jeremy Williams