The Impactful Five (i5) Project

i5 Workshop for Sustainability Management

The PRME Secretariat is thrilled to offer a new series of community training workshops for PRME Signatory Members in the Sustainability Management discipline that aim to reimagine the way education is approached to create a lasting impact on students and society. The Impactful-Five (i5) Project seeks to provide an opportunity for creative engagement with challenging subject-matter in the classroom. PRME will be shining a spotlight on the groundbreaking work of the Impactful-Five (i5) Project and its pedagogy, and the lessons that have been learned through pilots with the Chapter-based Expert Pedagogy Members, PRME Champions, and the PRME Working Groups. The PRME Secretariat looks forward to opening this opportunity to different disciplines in the PRME audience of educators and can't wait for them to be a part of this transformative journey. The disciplines that are offered are Finance & Investments, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, and Humanistic Management. You do not have to be apart of a specific discipline in order to attend the workshop. We encourage viewing the i5 and pedagogies from an intersectional lens.

This is a remarkable opportunity for PRME Signatory members in different disciplines to elevate their teaching practices and advance their institution's commitment to responsible management education.